Blog update

Jul 28, 2020

I am experimenting with Sublime Text and Atom. Using Sublime for writing private notes. I am enjoying playing around with the workflow. I love the flexibility of using git for my note-taking (as well as blogging). It enables me to do everything locally.

I however want to make the writing experience better. It feels too much like coding for now (is that a bad thing?). One advantage of Atom I’m discovering as I write is that markdown preview is available out of the box. I am sure that Sublime would have this too, tbf.

I have tried to go for a really minimal look for this blog. Here is how it looks right now

Blog screenshot

I had started with Wordpress but I did not like the interface and also the theme selection. Everything felt really opaque and not fun. I am pretty happy with Jekyll so far. I don’t care about the tool as long as I can customize to my heart’s content.

I definitely want to give the blog a more aesthetic feel to it. For one, I want to just list the post titles and dates on the front page. Something like the Thirld Word Blog (I love the name). The date in the blog post should be at the bottom.

Here is how a blogpost looks right now:

Blog post screenshot