My work is not going anywhere. So after a period of thinking about producing instead of consuming, I decided that today is the day to get started. So I began thinking about what I can do everyday. The list is as follows:

  • coding: make a commit to github
  • music: just create some music and put it up on soundcloud or youtube
  • photography: take a photo and put it up on instagram
  • writing: write up a blogpost
  • tweet: write a joke

That is a lot of fucking things to do everyday. And wait, my mind came up with more:

  • taking a course
  • voice acting/podcasting
  • something physical like carpentry or gardening
  • apply to a new company everyday

I have also been thinking about starting tutoring seriously. I want to control my nutrition. I want to start running and hiking. I want to go on trips. I am already doing yoga and playing football.

How much can one person do. I think blogging might be easy if I manage to channel my rants. Wait, a youtube channel idea: ranting everyday about first world problems. I am sure that would make me famous and rich. I would be doing what I do uniquely best that nobody else in the world can do better than me; thanks naval.

Wish I could throw out all advice I have consumed from tweets, blogs, podcasts and books in the last 5 years. Before I can actually start doing anything, my brain comes up with 239 different arguments for doing/not doing that thing + 4754 other options that might be better use of my time.

Maybe I can just put all this aside and just focus on not getting fired from my job. But I am somehow not able to make myself work!!

Rant over!

Written on March 2, 2021