Media consumption this week

Aug 6, 2020


Your Life Explained Through Dopamine talks about how dopamine is the anticipation molecule and it makes us crave something new/pleasurable/unexpected. It advises us to achieve a balance between dopamine (so that we continue striving for new things) and the Here & Now molecules: serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins (so that we learn to enjoy the present). I have been curious about the different “happiness hormones” for a while and this seemed like a good gateway into the topic. This stood out for me in The Art of Manliness a newly discovered rabbit hole.

Mediocratopia is a blogchain in the Ribbonfarm blog. Trying to describe it succinctly probably won’t do it any justice, probably because I don’t understand most of Ribbonfarm’s writing. The author subscribes to the idea of good-enough which I resonate with a lot. I have been a long time subscriber of this blog (God knows why) and this is the first time I read anything seriously afair. According to Slate Star Codex, this blog is part of the post-rationality landscape whatever the hell that means.


Skimmed through The Illustrated Art of Manliness after losing myself in the AOM website. The only takeaway I have is to develop more strength. The rest seems like a collection of interesting skills to have but to learn them just to be a MAN: which is to project a certain image yourself to the world (and the ladies) seems against actually not giving too much of a shit.


True Detective Season 1 (ongoing): interesting storyline and characters - especially the two leads, good production. My first impression is that I don’t like it as much as Fargo Season 1 yet.


Homemade Vegan Burger is a really soothing, aesthetically pleasing video of a guy’s expert cooking and interaction with his cats. I have been subscribed to his channel for a while and each video is a treat.

Rewatched my favourite video of the Apple Macbook video meme.

Rewatched a brilliant short movie based on adultery.

A funny video of a youtuber going on omegle(?) to ask strangers to play chess.