Leaving job and privilege and meanderings

Aug 2, 2021

So left my job. Planning to not look for a job for a year. Basically I have given myself some breathing space. If you ask me that is a pretty crazy update!

I realize that being able to leave my job is a huge privilege and that makes me want to make the absolute most of it! Or maybe I should not put that pressure on myself? Who the fuck knows…

Some things that I have in mind to do:

– I think I am going to focus on making a football quiz and starting a research seminar type thing going. And the seminar will be friends explaining their own favourite paper, and all clarifying questions are fair game? I was also thinking about starting a random musings or 10 questions interview with friends..

– I want to travel. Plus I need to get fit. I was looking at Basic Mountaineering Course, they are not running any courses for now.. Damn!

I think spending time in the mountains will be good for me. Improve my health overall. How about https://www.onhisowntrip.com/. I have inquired about a trip to Chitkul starting end of August

– Want to start weight training for sure. Also want to continue yoga 3 times a week. Planning to go walking 3 times a week as well. Maybe also start some sort of class?

– I want to start thinking about basic physical questions, eg. why does exercising directly after eating feel so uncomfortable, can the digestion happen well afterwards or does it all go to waste? Is the cobra pose bad for the lower back? I really hope it isn’t; that’s basically what we do!