Aug 17, 2020

Listing blogs/sites/forums that I have followed regularly at some point in life and/or have had an impact on me (in rough order of discovery)

  • Matt Might’s blog, especially this article about what CS majors should know. I read this at a time I was trying to switch over to computer science and I guess it was motivating (ended up doing none of the recommendations)? I binge read the blog and followed it for a while but I think he got busy and stopped posting. I like the minimalist style.

  • Wait But Why is an immensely popular blog with long form posts about various topics. I think I came across the procrastination article first and it really struck a chord with me. Other favourite posts: Elon Musk series, Religion for the nonreligious. Odd places series is super-cool, it has inspired me to study different countries and cultures

  • Schneier on Security is a blog I followed when I had some interest in cryptography and was trying to manufacture interest in computer security. He posts very regularly. I used to visit very often but I doubt I read even one article completely.

  • Scott Aaronson blogs about quantum computing (which I ignore), academia and life in general. Just a nerdy blog I check from time to time because of my long-standing interest in academia and specifically computer science research.

  • Paul Graham’s essays have been pretty influential, especially How to do what you love. I have kind of got influenced by commentary on reddit and goodreads reviews about his book Hackers and Painters that he is too arrogant and I do tend to agree. He and Scott Aaronson suffer from the got-bullied-for-being-a-nerd problem. Exactly how toxic are American high schools? I check his twitter semi-regularly as well, not completely sure why.

  • I started following Naval Ravikant after I listened to this podcast with Shane Parrish. I vividly remember where I was and what point in my life I heard this. The way he talked about happiness, knowledge, reading, careers, etc captivated me. I started following him obsessively. I have come to realize over time that I do not agree with everything he says, and anyway these trite observations are useful when you discover them by yourself.