Inspired to write

So I have been off this for too long. Got inspired by Guzey to start blogging again. This will just be a stream of consciousness post akin to journaling. (Wow probably the first time I have used akin in a sentence)

Pseudo-anonymity has been troubling me for a while. Should I use my real name to blog and reap the career and fame rewards when the blog becomes world famous? Something to think about.

Really like Ben Kuhn’s blogroll. A lot of blogs/blogposts I like and new content to binge on. However I consciously stopped myself from reading all of it. I have been getting back into the cycle of bingeing content, especially the self-help blogposts by tech people. I should write my own stuff, let it out into the wild, clear my head, rather than fill it with more pieces of advice.

I have been struggling with procrastination at work, confidence, low mood, etc. Otherwise there would be no need to read about how to improve my life.

Read a beautiful essay on the readability (or lack thereof) of modern literary novels. I remember trying to read Don Delilio’s Underworld and not able to get past a couple of pages.

Written on January 26, 2021