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Aug 19, 2021

Oh yeah yesterday I was thinking and ranting about how all my friendships are based on me listening. There are many reasons I can think of for this

– I feel I am not interesting or the other person is not interested in listening to my mundane day to day

– when the time comes to actually speak I go completely blank as to what to talk about

– almost nobody asks me followup questions. I feel I am always doing that, because I am genuinely interested. Hmmm, am I genuinely interested or just trying to please

– I am not able to stretch my stories. I just say the outing was good, these people came, that is about it. How about I start writing down shit in detail? And then practise it real time with a friend. And then I will develop a corpus of things to talk about. Do I have too much fucking time for this?

I don’t know where to put down my thoughts: notebook, penzu, sublime + github, google docs, or blog about it. 

Which brings me to, I don’t like the current blog workflow. I don’t like creating a new date-titled post and pushing to github. Want it to be more seamless. I like penzu’s flow. I want to replicate on blog. Should I start using substack?